AIXONTEC Cable Assembly

With our technical competence in cable assembly we can supply our customers with all kinds of special solutions out of high- quality single components. Fast delivery and 100% quality assurance are secured for our customers. Convince youself and send us your request.


If you are looking for high- quality RJ45 patch cords from an european production you have made the right choice to choose our AIXONTEC PRO 400 patch cord which is made in our own assembly. These patch cords are produced out of high- quality cables and RJ45 plugs and can be delivered in many differentcoors and lengths.

AIXONTEC Fibre Optic solutions

Convince yourself of our expertise in fibre optic solutions. We fullfill not only the needs of the standard fibre optic patch cords and their components but we also try to find innovative solutions for all kinds of special requests. Your special requests are always highly welcomed.


are high- quality RJ45 connection modules with integrated locking system which prevent unauthorized or undesired patch processes. The protective mechanism functions with the help of a special snap- in mechanism with un-locking key.

Application Areas :

AIXONTEC® QUICK-LOCK45 is the ideal solution to protect your network connection on an easy but very effective way against unauthorized interruptions. The QUICK-LOCK45 system can be used in public buildings like schools, universities, shopping malls and airports as well as in connection- critical areas like hospitals, data centers, military, police dapartments or finance center.

Product Benefits:

AIXONTEC® QUICK-LOCK45 has a special slim Keystone construction which allows a high packing density on the patch panel. The AIXONTEC® QUICK-LOCK45 does not need a speicial application or patch cord and can be used with a normal RJ45 patch cord and Keystone patch panel. The high quality of the attached components provides a high service life of the module.


get the patch cord in the color you like and suitable to your favorite Club. Enjoy the premium quality out of european production.

The requirement for higher transmission speed and amounts of data influences our daily life. We want to be online all the time and want to be sure never to miss anything ever again. The download time of movies, music and streams shall be reduced and the online games shall be played without anyloss of time. We of the AIXONTEC GmbH develop and deliver high- quality and tested products and components which satisfy the highest technical needs. Furthermore we want a long- lasting and lossless use for our customers.

Our PRO 400M patch cord is available with a black outer shealth and many different boot-colors, which provides an easy port assignment. A 10GbE transfer and a holgen-free outer shealth as well as  gold plated contacts enable that this product for data transfer in your office oder home is absolute future- proof. Many standard lengths are on stock und can be delivered directly and can also be brought to you within Europe on the next day if it is requested.

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