LAN Device Protection Cables

07.04.2021 17:21

Protect your equipment from expensive repair damages

A sudden pull on your network cable can result in expensive repair costs to your equipment.

We have developed a device protection adapter cable to protect your device and IT equipment from expensive repair damages. The device protection adapter cable is inserted between a device and the RJ45 patch cable. In the event of a sudden pull, the connection simply disconnects and prevents damage to the end device.

Product Advantages:

  •     Special and highly flexible data cable without kinks caused by bending
  •     Highly flexible anti-bend sleeve at the end of the housing provides the necessary protection for the cable
  •     Overmolded boots (IP20) and high quality RJ45 connectors
  •     Robust housing, reusable and producible in different colors
  •     High quality electrical values thanks to CAT6 (1GbE) and CAT6A (10GbE) RJ45 jack technology
  •     Produced in Germany, the product is also available in single parts at short notice and on a consistent basis
  •     Customer-specific requests such as special lengths, cable color, labeling, printing are easily possible

For further questions please contact the AIXONTEC team, we are looking forward to your contact

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