Patch cord extension

Patch cord extension

Get to know our new Patch cord extension RJ45 patch cable and connection technology with our new innovative products.

With our products we want to protect your network connections from dust, scratches, traction and mechanical influences. The weakest link of a LAN connection is the connection module or the RJ45 connector, which should be protected at all costs. Only a stable and high-quality LAN connection will allow your end devices to reach their full performance potential. Likewise, the lifetime of your high-quality Ethernet connection technology is increased as soon as the sensitive connection points are additionally protected. Our products offer a great price-performance ratio and deliver many technical advantages, which are the result of years of experience in product development and network technology.

Thereby we rely on

  • high quality components
  • reduction of bending radii
  • compact size
  • flexible and optimal cables and connection technology for every field of application


We briefly present our current products and constantly develop the product series further with innovative ones.

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