Lable Your Cable

29.04.2021 17:51

Lable Your Cable 

Cable management and the identification of connection cables to the respective port is an important task in the area of structured network cabling in companies.

An orderly assignment of data cables to the respective network port is enormously important in order to maintain an overview and, if necessary, to be able to quickly access the respective connection socket or connection cable for replacement and repair work. Disorganising the cables at the PC workstation or network server can cost an enormous amount of time and lead to huge problems. 

There are several effective solutions, such as colour coding on the cable, cable flags, wrap-around labels, cable tags and special port labels for patch panels and junction boxes.

Many IT network installers also use mobile printers to label their cables on site. However, this method is expensive and requires a special printer.

Cable labels are mainly used to speed up the process of finding a relevant cable. Cable label boxes and wrap-around labels as well as cable flags help to quickly find the end of a cable. If you have labelled a LAN network cable or a coaxial cable, you can quickly identify it by colour and match it with the labelling.

Attaching labels to both ends of the cable helps to find the other end and to order to the respective network port. The cable flags and wrap-around labels can be labelled with the host name, port number or a unique ID on each cable. This means you don't have to untangle all the cables to find the right one.

The AIXONTEC Lable Your Cable is designed to allow users to easily label and identify network cables. Of course, our wrap-around labels are also suitable for other round cable types such as coax, USB, HDMI, control cables or power cables.

Take a look at our product range and find the right product for your needs and application.

Port Label     

The Port Labels are used to identify network ports such as patch panels, switches, routers, IP cameras and network sockets by colour. One sheet contains 12 permanent labels in different colours in the size 15 x 9 mm. We have developed colour-matching wrap-around  labels and cable flags for our port labels, which enable simple but effective labelling and identification of round cables in the system. Our Port Labels are available in 12 vivid colours, each in PVC-ready and temperature-resistant versions. One sheet contains 12 permanent labels in different colours in the size 15 x 9 mm. We have developed colour-matching wrap-around labels and cable flags for our port labels, which enable simple but effective labelling and identification of round cables in the system. 

Wrap-around labels 

XS -35 x 7,4 mm, for cables Ø up to 9mm- contains 20 permanent adhesive wrap-around labels in 10 different colours
M - 45 x 15 mm, for cables Ø up to 14 mm - contains 24 permanent wrap-around labels in 12 different colours. 
The wrap-around labels in size M are also available in PVC-free and temperature-resistant versions. You can use our wrap-around labels in various applications such as data assignment for e.g.: Patch panel, router, switch or cable runks.

Cable flags

Another product variant from our Lable Your Cable line are innovative cable flags. Just like the wrap-around labels, the cable flags are used for cable identification and cable organisation and can be combined with port labels. Our cable flags are characterised by a particularly strong adhesive force, are waterproof and, as a permanently adhesive variant, are suitable for permanent use. The labels can be used for the organisation, port assignment and labelling of any cables such as Ethernet, USB, HDMI or cold-device plugs. There are two labels of the same colour on each sheet to mark a cable on both sides.

We offer 3 different types of this product:

Cable flags with numbers - the colourful cable labels are listed in 12 different, expressive colours. The special feature of this article are the consecutive numbers from 1 to 12, which allow additional identification. The cable flags in the size 86 x 10 mm are suitable for cables Ø up to 8mm. We stock these in 2 different material variations: PVC-free and temperature-resistant.

Cable flags with labelling field - just like the previous variant, the labels are designed in 24 colours. The characteristic feature of this product are the white fields, which offer enough space for individual labelling. Each sheet consists of 24 cable flags in 12 different, expressive colours in the size 86 x 10 mm, which can be used for cables Ø up to 8mm. The product is available from us in the following variant: PVC-free and temperature-resistant.

Cable flags in neon colour - this is our absolute novelty in the Lable Your Cable line. Thanks to its striking neon colour: yellow, orange, red and green, the cable flags enable clear identification under inconspicuous connections. In addition, the labels can be individually marked or inscribed. You can choose from a combination of cable flags and port labels or purchase them individually. The dimensions for the single cable flag are 86 x 10 mm and for the single label 15 x 9 mm. The cable flags can be used for cables Ø up to 8mm.

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