A strong network is the foundation for a stable and safe data connection. Our products are adapted to the requirements of rapidly increasing data volumes and global digitalization.
Our headquarter in Aachen (Germany) is an ideal location in central Europe where our development, production and cable assembly of high quality network cabling systems takes place. This enables flexible production with a stable quality. The development and delivery of customized products is our strength.
With our diverse range of products we offer a wide range of innovative network cabling solutions for Data Centers, Office Buildings, Industrial and Home Automation. Our own brands are based on over 10 years of experience in structured network cabling and offer unique selling points.
Innovative products, flexible solutions and a motivated team are our basis for a strong connection to our customers.

We are very glad that you have found your way to our shop. For more technical information, distribution agency or technical enquiries , please send us an email to info@ Please be aware that international deliveries are absolutely possible upon your request.

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