AIXONTEC HIGH SCREEN FLEX is a new registered trademark of AIXONTEC GmbH.


The high flexible CAT7 data cable was developed by us to meet today's demands of industrial cabling. In addition to the particularly robust outer sheath of approx. 6.5 mm thickness, the cable is highly flexible, UV-resistant, water-repellent and abrasion-resistant. It is a cat 7 S/ FTP 4X 2X AWG 26/7 double shielded rigged Ethernet cable with stranded conductors. The robust Cat.7 data cable has been tested up to 600 MHz and is suitable for data transmissions up to 10 GbE.


Thanks to it's higher wire gauge this Cat7 cable is suitable for POE and even POE + application to supply IP cameras or Wifi access points. The outer sheath is shiny black, is easy to wash off, is weather-repellent and suitable for outdoor applications as well as harsh industrial environments. This cable can be only purchased as finished assembled RJ45 patch cord with high-quality RJ45 plugs and fully molded boots with latch protection in various lengths.

The assembly and production of the HIGH SCREEN FLEX RJ45 patch cord takes place in our company headquarters in Germany (Aachen). Any special length and combinations of plugs or keystone modules can be realized by us. Despite the advanced features of the AIXONTEC HIGH SCREEN FLEX cable, it is not only for professionals, but also for the quality-conscious end user who values ​​a long-lasting, rugged, high data-transmission data cable.

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