High quality network cables for a stable connection

To build a stable network, you need network cables of high quality. The Ethernet cables establish the connection to the Internet. They connect servers to the connected computers and are also used when several PCs should communicate with each other. If you would like to achieve high speed in your network, you should rely on high-performance cables. From AIXONTEC you get high quality installation cables, which you can use very flexibly. You can buy the LAN cables as a drum if you want to lay many meters. Alternatively, individual cables are offered in various lengths, which you can use to bridge short distances when setting up your network. Ethernet cables are available in different standards. Before you build the network, it is important that you make a detailed plan about the network environment. The purchase of the network cables is then done in the second step. LAN cables are offered as installation cables or patch cables. You can get laying cables as installation cables with an outer jacket, which is available in different colors. Use the colors to visually distinguish the individual cables during installation. If you create a corresponding plan, it will be easier to find the appropriate cables during maintenance work and repairs. Laying cables are also equipped with multiple cores, making them suitable for installing networks with the highest performance.

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