Our AIXONTEC CABLEReel product line includes pre-assembled cable drums that can be used for mobile cable extension and connection. We distinguish between different application areas in order to offer our customers the best possible, safe and, above all, tailor-made solution for their area of application. With the use of our self-developed MMP-S system, we can modularly use different socket modules, according to customer requirements. The MMP-S system offers you the possibility to accommodate almost any module. Thanks to our MMP-S system, RJ-45 modules up to M12/M8 built-in modules, for the cable drum, can be used.

Especially interesting is the possibility of using IP protected modules (INDUSTRIALLine) in combination with high quality and standard compliant cables from our company. Our EVENTLine cable drums are ideally suited for mobile and fast use with push-pull connectors in the field of event technology. We offer simple extension and connecion of cables, for home use or event use, up to complex industrial connectors, for industrial automation 4.0.

A wide range of different cable types in combination with high quality connectors complete our diverse portfolio. Thanks to our cable assembly in Germany, we can always provide our customers with the best possible quality. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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