FMP Patch cords

AIXONTEC FMP Connecting Cables

are high-quality RJ45 connection cables that are pe assembled on both sides with a robust plug with metal housing. Depending on the component selection, these patch cables can be delivered with POE functions for longer distances (up to 100m).
Each RJ45 connection cable is 100% made in Germany and measured and tested before delivery.

Both cable types for indoor use and cable types with (PE, PUR, TPE, TPU) for outdoor and industrial environments are available.
You can determine your desired cable assembly between different conductor cross-sections (AWG), cable diameters and cable lengths.

The product advantages of our FMP Patch cords:

    • Robust metall housing RJ45 plugs for a long-lasting operation.
    • High Quality Data Cable Variation
    • Oversize length above 100m is avialable available!
    • RJ45 plugs are reuseable and and can be replaced tool less by your own.
    • Up to 500 MhZ/10 GbE Classe EA , depending on product selection
    • POE capability up to 100m is possible.
    • customised length and assemlies are possible
    • Plug-Plug or Plug-Keystone Jack Assemlies are possible 
    • Fast delivery due to inhouse assembly in Germany.
    • Different combinations for inhouse and outdoor use is available.
    • Plug and Play solution without stress
    • 100% tested before delivery
    • Made in Germany

Due to the high number of possible combinations, we cannot currently offer you fixed prices in our shop.
We are glad to support you technically at any time and send you a proper tailor-made offer according to your need.

Send us your request to or contact us at +49 (0) 24147584838.

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