is the result of many years of experience in storage, manufacturing and cable assembly. With our cable rack DRUMBull and our drum carriage DRUMBoy, we offer unique products for storage and production in the cable industry. Our products are well tested and can be adapted to individual requirements and needs.

Thanks to our clever cable shelf DRUMBull, up to 65 different cable types can be safely accommodated on approx. 16 m2. We take care of order in the warehouse and manage efficiently in the processing of cables by means of a simple system for unrolling and unrolling cable drums. Our sophisticated protection concept prevents the derailment of cable drums with excessive traction force and thus reduces the risk of accidents in the production site.

Thanks to our unique and flexible labeling system, we can label each cable shelf individually and ensure a high degree of order for daily work.

The mobility of our transport and drum carts (DRUMBoy) offer the user a high flexibility. The solid construction of our welded frames and the high-quality powder-coated surfaces are part of our high quality standard.

Since our products are developed and manufactured by us in Germany, we can guarantee a long-term replacement delivery for all products. In addition, we can respond to the individual wishes of our customers and offer our customers specific developments and plans for our products.

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